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French drains provide an easy channel for water to flow through. Water runs into a gravel-filled trench, then into perforated pipe at the bottom of the trench. 


Water travels freely through the pipe, which empties a safe distance from the house.


The trench bottom should be sloped in the direction you want water to flow. Depending on your situation, the water can be diverted to A low-lying area of your property, A drainage ditch, A dry well, the street, etc...

When You Need a French Drain

  • When you have a problem with surface water, such as a soggy lawn or a driveway that washes out

  • If water is getting into your basement

  • If you’re building a retaining wall on a hillside

  • and many more!

How a French Drain Works

french drain
french drain
french drain
french drain
french drain

Blade Runnerz Irrigation has done several french drains over the years and would love the opportunity to discuss your options with you. Call or message us anytime and we will come out for a free estimate.


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